Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?


Animal Communication is simply conversing with an animal through telepathy. I relax and 'tune in' to the animal, introduce myself, explain what I would like to do and ask the animal if they would like to talk. If he/she is agreeable, I ask questions their owner has or discuss an issue that seems to be bothering them, or something their owner would like them to change in their relationship.


Is it necessary to be in direct contact with the animal?


It is not necessary for me to be in physical or visual contact with the animal. I have worked with animals across town, across the state and in other countries.


Can you speak with animals who have passed on?


The connections we forge with our animals in the physical world are not broken by the separation of death. Our animals often come around us and are frequently willing to continue sharing our lives after they have moved on.

What does it cost?


I charge $50 per session. This is generally sent, in the form of a check, when the appointment is made. 


How do the Animal Comunication sessions work?


The client contacts me regarding their animal and we discuss the situation. I acquire a photo or description of the animal, the animal's name and age, whatever questions the client would like to have answered and/or the problem they would like to have me discuss with the animal. I then coordinate a date and time for the client to call me back to discuss what their animal has told me.


What type of training do you have in Animal Communication?


I have received my Certification of Professional Animal Communicator from Marta Williams.


Classes will be starting soon.  Please watch this page for details.

For further information, or to set up an appointment,

contact Jody Hanulya at or 832-573-5785.