Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?


Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing.  Someone initiated into Reiki can process the universal energy around us and focus it in one area.


What happens in a Reiki session?


After introductions, I sit or stand a short distance from the animal to allow them to decide if they want hands-on or distance Reiki.  Then I relax and focus on directing the energy to them.  They may lay down where they are, come and lay close to me, or place a bothersome part of their body near my hands.  When the animal is through, he/she will get up and direct his/her attention toward something else.


What does Reiki feel like?


As a recipient, I found it warm and relaxing.  As a practitioner, I feel a pull on my palms.  Stronger or milder, depending on how much Reiki the animal needs.  The best thing about Reiki is that it depletes neither the receiver nor the giver.

What does it cost?


I charge $60 per session for pets and $100 per session for livestock and exotics.  A session generally lasts an hour but it’s up to the animal.  Depending on the situation, the owner may schedule a series of sessions.


Do you come to the person’s home or where does the session take place?


The sessions take place in the animal’s environment.  They avoid stress from traveling and the distraction of a new environment.


How can my pet benefit from Reiki?


Since our animals live in our world, they suffer from a lot of our stresses.  A periodic Reiki session, as part of their wellness routine, can keep animals healthy and happy.  Pre-operatively, Reiki can reduce the chemicals the body creates when under stress, allowing the surgery to go more smoothly.  Post-op, Reiki can speed physical and emotional healing.  Reiki is also quite helpful for pain management.  If an animal has reached his/her point of transition, Reiki can help ease the passing for both animal and owner.


What attracted you to this therapy?


I was studying Small Animal Massage Therapy when my knee “went out.”  My fiancé urged me to seek help from the Reiki therapist at a spa I frequented.  After two session, my knee was (and is) fine.  I thought Reiki would help in my massage therapy for animals with arthritis or hip dysplasia.  The more time I spent working with Reiki, the less need I saw for physical manipulation.  Reiki is so gentle it can be offered for any situation.


What are your credentials?


"Basic Canine Massage"                              Companion Animal Massage      May 2006

"Reiki I - Reiki II - Animal Reiki Master"                                                      October 2006

"Professional Animal Communicator"           Marta Williams                          May 2008

"Equine Assisted Psychotherapy"                 Texas A&M                             July 2008


For further information, or to set up an appointment,

contact Jody Hanulya at or 832-573-5785.